Herst International Group is one of the world-famous chemical industry product providers.

Hong Kong Herst Company is a unit of spreading the functional material in the Herst International Group, which mainly supplies the secure and superior products of functional material and textile chemistry to the textile works in the Asia-Pacific region.

In these years, the textile industry has developed very quickly in the mainland of China and it has a large field in demand of hi-tech textile chemistry. To fit in with the tendency, we set up the company on the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Qingdao. It chiefly supplies the product and service of Herst for the textile works in the mainland of China.

Natural carapace finishing agent Non-formaldehyde non-iron finishing agent
Anti-bacteria and Anti-odor Finishing agent Vitamin naometer capsule
Anti-mite finishing agent Perfume nanometer finishing agent
Anti-mite anti-mold and anti-microbial agent Anti-ultraviolet rays finishing agent
Soil-release finishing agent Flame retardant finishing agent
Aloe silk collagen humectant Antistatic finishing agent
Sweat Absorption and Permeability Finishing Agent Pearl(Gold bronze powder, Aluminum powder) printing paste
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